Monday, June 10, 2013

My First Made it of the Summer!

I had a fantastic weekend, and was sad to see it end. We did a little of everything! We played hard, but I seem to be the only one really feeling it. LOL! My kids have some friends over right now so that means I have about five minutes to myself to show you my Made Its! Ha! I am having a hard time getting much done, but I just keep telling myself that my babies will only be babies for a little while, so I just need to enjoy them while they are little. This week I only have home made its, no school related ones yet, but I have some in the back of my mind in case I ever have time to work on them. :) 

Okay here goes my first link up with Fourth Grade Frolics 

Number 1: Cleaning up our backyard!

So we've been working this past week on our backyard. We are having to mow constantly, and moving all the toys around is a pain! So... a little rock and VOILA

We now have two designated areas for toys! It makes it so much easier to mow, and it was super cheap. Just some rocks we got from my father in law and some cheap filler rock. We had to invest in some water shoes so the kids could walk on the rocks but I actually really like it! When our kids are grown we are going to make it into a relaxing area with a fire pit. LOVE IT!!


I can really count it as a "Made It", but I redid a small outdoor table for my kids. We bought this table last year at a garage sale, and the top was pretty beaten up. So... a little chalk board spray paint and TA-DAH! 

I love it! I do suggest to make sure it is a smooth surface though because this side is pretty hard to erase, so I might be redoing the back side. I must admit that I might have found a new addiction by using the chalkboard paint. I loved it! 

Last but not least...

My breakfast "Made It"! I made mini apple pies and they are AMAZING! All I used was one golden delicious apple, cinnamon, sugar and croissants. They taste wonderful. I just wish I had some vanilla ice cream to go with them! Yes I realize I said this was my breakfast. It is summer after all, isn't that when we indulge ourselves?! 

Well I can't wait to see all the other Monday Made Its! Hope you enjoyed mine!



  1. I need a play area in my backyard for my kiddos. Your chalkboard table turned out wonderful. I plan on using some of that paint on a wall in my kiddos playroom. Hope I don't regret it later:) I'm going to have to try your apple pies and they do sound amazing for breakfast;)

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. Thanks Heather! I definitely recommend putting the black paper under your play area to keep the weeds out. We used the paper, but I kind of wish we'd sprayed it with weed killer too, because the weeds are growing through the black paper and coming through the rocks! LOL! I hope you post pics of your kiddo's room after you paint with the chalkboard paint! I want to see it!!!